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We do imagery.


We do imagery. 

Nice. But what does it mean?


Simply put, we are a bunch of professional creatives wanting to use our abilities, gifts if you will, for a greater cause.

A lot of good is being done in the world today. Too few of these lights are seen. If you are an organisation providing support, education, aid, we would like to help you keep good relationships with your supporters and get your message out there into the general public. We believe in images, pictures, stories to transform the way we all perceive the world. What we do well is a collection of different yet complimenting types of media. 

The Sea of Lights Archive is a collective of photographers, videographers, writers, designers and humanitarians who work together in aiding organisations reach a broader audience through high-grade communication.



We love to capture, create, tell stories. We do imagery in all forms necessary for a fresh and target-oriented media presence. We love working together as a team to fill an idea with life, to master (un)plannable situations, to accompany and complete a project.

Contact us with your request for individual information.

We know, through experience, how to conceptualize compelling narratives, organize

comprehensive media trips and work with staff and locals at destination countries.  Besides building full media bundles from an initial idea, we also offer compact packages. These are our essentials:


Editorial and Public Relations.

We'll create modern media for your fundraising, projects and events.


Film + Photography.

Professional and

in-motion documentary of the work you do. Anywhere.


Writing + reporting.

Real lives. Real stories.


Effective image cataloguing

+ post-production. 

Contact us with your request for individual information.

The Archive

The Archive

An essential part of our vision is The Archive. 

Especially smaller organisations have a lot of material*, i.e. photos, texts, videos. Often the potential for these substantial chronicles is lost somewhere on paper in filed-away folders, in emails, old publications, personal harddrives, even on analog film in someones basement. 

We know how to catalogue all this stuff. How to scan, cull, sort, edit and use that developed archive to tell the story of your work. We will even store it for you if you wish. 

The Sea of Lights Archive

*If you do not have any or too little material but are wanting to move forward and reach people by telling your stories, ask us how. We are happy to help!

No material?
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